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Words are Powerful Magic

Words are powerful magic.

I AM Powerful. I am creator of my destiny.

I am Universal Intelligence. Today I express my genius.

I am grateful for all the blessings that I have and all that I am receiving.

I am so very thankful. Prosperity and abundance are my birthright.

I am a powerful magnet for light, love, laughter, peace and joy.

I fulfill my highest potential. I am generous and prosperous.

I am powerful. I am a mighty blessing on this Planet Earth.

My life is a blessing. My life is a gift. I am grateful.  

I AM Powerful. Words are powerful magic.

This day, awesome opportunities await me. I am powerful.

I have access to Infinite Power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Creativity,

Infinite Abundance and so I AM. Words are powerful magic.

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