Wealth Mindset – Ask a Better Question, Get a Better Answer.

Why am I so Wealthy , Why am I a Financial Genius , Why is My Wealth Increasing Massively Every Day , Why does every Dollar I Spend Return to Me Massively Multiplied , Why do I Always Have All the Money that  I Want and Need ?

Why do I Effortlessly Attract All the Wealth that I Desire , Why am I Becoming More Wealthy in All aspects of My Life , Why am I Surrounded by an Ocean of Wealth , Why am I a Money Magnet , Why is there Always a Surplus of Money Circulating in my Life ?

Why am I in Perfect Harmony with all of the Universal Laws of Health Wealth and Happiness, Why do I Have All the Wealth I need , Why is Wealth and All Good Things Overflowing in My Life , Why am I Getting Rich with Mathematical Certainty ?

Why is Every Action I Take in Perfect Harmony with the Laws of Wealth and Increase ?

I am Rich. I am Wealthy. I am Prosperous. I am Lucky. Money and Wealth is attracted to me.

I always have money. I am thankful. I love money and money loves me.

Wealth is pouring into my life. I am a money magnet.

My income and wealth is constantly increasing. I am prosperous.

Everything I put my hand to, prospers and succeeds.

I travel around the world. I am flowing on the river of wealth.

I deserve the good life. I drive expensive cars.

I have beautiful properties. I have nice things in my home.

My life is full of luxury. Money comes with everywhere I go.

I am thankful for the money I have. My money is here.

I am thankful for the wealth I have. My wealth is here.

I am thankful, thankful, thankful.

4 responses to “Wealth

  1. Goldman

    It’s a perfect time to no not show you the money. show me the money!!!

  2. Mark

    I think everyone relates happiness to money. It is hard to be happy without money.

  3. Warburg

    Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog.

  4. 10%er

    Outstanding work! Give wealth a chance.

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