Abundance – you can have, do, be anything you want.

I am a divine magnet for Abundance.

I accept and expect wealth. I approve of myself and Feel Great.

I am Fit and Healthy. I see myself living in Abundance and Accept it. Believe.

I treat myself with Love and Respect. I give and receive Love Generously.

I now have Surplus. All my Needs are being Met. I am Grateful.

I am Guided by Infinite Intelligence. I easily access the Power of my subconscious Mind.

Unlimited Income Flows in my Life. I Give and Receive Money with joy.

My life is meant to be Abundant. I Achieve my Goals and Live my Dreams.

I am in Perfect Health. I am Happy, Successful and Fulfilled. Believe.

Every cell in my body vibrates with health. I have an Abundance of whatever I need.

My highest good is manifesting now. I give thanks for all the Abundance that I have.

3 responses to “Abundance

  1. Slim

    This is one part of the Law of Attraction. With all parts you’re unstoppable.

  2. Jerry

    Show me the money bigtime.

  3. Crystal

    Your web page will be marvelous. This unique site can be terrific.

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