Ban Ki-Moon Cap and Trade Speech

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says an agreement dealing with climate change must be finalised in Copenhagen in December 2009.  We have “ four months” to secure the future of our Planet.

4 months to Save the Planet – say what? I could be wrong but Mr. Ban Ki-moon is sounding like a shill for the bankers and politicians who will profit enormously from a Cap and Trade Tax Scheme.

What happened to the world has less than 10 years to halt the global rise in greenhouse gas emissions if we are to avoid catastrophic consequences for people and the planet speech by UN Director Ban Ki-moon?

Cap and Trade tax scheme, lobbyists gone wild with your Tax Dollars , will NOT Save the Planet video:

Climate change is NOT the fundamental threat to humankind but Ki-moon is claiming that “if we fail to act, climate change will intensify droughts, floods and other natural disasters. Tensions will worsen.

Social unrest – even violence – could follow. The damage to national economies will be enormous. The human suffering will be incalculable.” – Ban Ki-moon

I could be wrong but I don’t agree with his Doomsday Vision or allowing bankers and government to control every aspect of our life, disempowering the people and enslaving the masses.

George Carlin ♥ Save the Planet Video:

George Carlin says that the greatest arrogance of all is in Saving The Planet 😉   We don’t even know how to take care of ourselves yet.

We don’t know how to take care of one another and we’re going to save the planet? ☼ The Planet is Fine – the People are F’d.

“ The planet will be just fine The Planet isn’t Going Anywhere – WE ARE   It just is and so are we for a little while.”  – George Carlin


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6 responses to “Ban Ki-Moon Cap and Trade Speech

  1. maheswar parida

    sir, welcome. i am maheswar i live in puri, india – the fastest growing population in the world.

  2. Mr.Nurul Islam, President (GWAB)

    An Appeal to UN for emergency relief, medicines and tents supply to Arakan Riot hit Areas 14th June, 2012.

    Deploying of UN peace keeping force in Arakan will be crucial. But now immediate relief and tents distribution among the Riot victims by UN is most crucial and imperative.
    I am very much optimistic that UN will come forward to save and protect the oppressed Rohingyas in Arakan and I feel that UN is obliged to do so in time.

    Nurul Islam,
    Grassroots Welfare Association, Bangladesh (GWAB)

  3. Mr.Nurul Islam, President,Grassroots Welfare Association,Bangladesh

    Dear Sir,

    You are excellent, saw you while you visited Bangladesh last month.
    Hope UN will send emergecy aid for Arakan communal Riot hit areas and waiting a response
    Thank you, Regards

  4. Nurul Islam

    It is a grave concern over delaying arrival of UN Emergency relief for Arakan Riot Victims. In Arakan the Riot victims are passing days in serious shortage of food and medicines in open sky in rainy season.

    UN is obliged to stand by the victims with instant humanitarian aid. Instant UN relief is most crucial for the victims. Also protection of Rohingyas from Nasaka`s persecution is inevitable.

    Nurul Islam,
    President, GWAB

    Liechtensteinklammstr. 126
    A-5600 St.Johann im Pongau

    Dear Sir

    Fristsetzungsantrag in der Sache Jad ALHALABI, Zl. E6 423.307-1/2011
    Good day to you. this my case and evidence .
    My name is Jad Alhalabi, I am currently seeking asylum in Austria, but the Austria government is following the human rights and justice and they are correct but I can prove it through my documents that they are not.
    And I am not safe here in Austria ?
    I got troubles in here by a Tunisian man that he even told me that he will kill me and attacked on me with a knife in his hand. I complained for Austrian police in St.Johann im pongau, but they have denied it and told me that when I see blood in my body then I can come to police even though I had medical report from the hospital then the police accept my complain and give me a copy of my complain letter but told me if I show it to anybody then the police makes problems for me and the name of that police man is Roman RAINER .I am not safe here in Austria.
    In 06.09.12 I had a roommate. He is from Chechens country and his name is Hassan we were living in one room and without any reason he argued with me and tried to beat me. But that time it didn’t happen and after one day he tried to beat another person in the pension and I complained to the chaifeen of this pension and the chaifeen told him to change the room then in 11,09,2012 I came to my room and saw him in my room and told him to leave my room but he didn’t listen to me and started beating me after that I called the police, police came just took our names and told me that always you make these problems and they were tow police men then at the same night when the police left this person ( Hassan) started fighting with all the people in the pension and said that I will beat all the people in this pension and went out of pension, then in the next day he came with another person, that person was also from Chechens and his name is Adam and both of them said that they will come with other Chechens people to beat or kill all of us then at the same date at night they came with four vehicles and they were around 20 people with the knifes in their hands to beat or kill us, at the same time we tried to defense and called the police, when the police came they escaped and police couldn’t arrest them, and in the morning we went to police station and complained about them because they can come any time to fight us.
    We are not safe in here and when ever I face with any problem and I go to police they always tell me that I am making problems the ID number of the police man is 4711.
    but if I make problem then why should I go to police and ask for help.

    I want to make formal complaint against the Austrian Government with UN in USA ?
    And how can I get protection from the United Nations and the private papers to get them and I will be refugee under the UN?

    Please check the attachments for my case and evidence.
    Thank you very much and sorry for taking your time
    And for you all respect and thanks

    Jad alhalabi

  6. leunkam tapet fernand didier

    bonjour excellence ban ki moon je suis un jeune camerounais qui a toujour admiré ce que vous faites pour ce monde sutout pour les démunies; j’ai donc jugé bon de vous contacter par ce moyen qui me semble un peu moin chanceux mais j’y crois quand même que vous allez me lire. voilà mes conditions de vie au cameroun sont très difficiles et je souhaiterai même seulement pouvoir balayer et nétoyer chez vous pour me faire aussi un peu de sou je suis issus d’une famille poligamique où mon père un gendarme à la retraite j’ai douze frère dont je suis moi même le cinquième et le quatrième du coté de ma mère; excellence, c’est vraiment difficile de s’en sortir avec tout ce que nous pouvons traverser au quotidient. je profite de cette page qui m’est offerte pour solliciter votre aide comme vous l’avez toujours fait jusqu’ici en faveur des démunis et san vous fustrer, voici ma boite email et mon numéro car dans l’espoir d’avoir une bonne nouvelle de vous je vous prie d’agéer monsieur l’expression de mon plus profond respect: 90251783 ou 79248739

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